The Porchd Story


Porchd, founded in March 2017, was born with the mindset of creating a platform where the general public can coalesce in order to share opinions about real estate easily and effectively. Our first priority was to create a user friendly interface, where anyone could rate or comment on a wide range of homes with just a few clicks. Over time, its platform has evolved into a providing a link between the average home buyer and seller to gather information normally never disclosed.

With a strong focus on conceptual thinking, Porchd is dedicated to create aesthetic yet functional website for Raters and Homeowners aged 18 and over to enjoy. Whether you prefer to gather information on your personal portfolio of real estate, or just want to gather ideas for your own “dream home,” Porchd has laid the groundwork for you.

With a smart and simple user interface, making a search for your American Dream Home is easier than ever before. We believe every home has a little beauty built in. With a random house search you will be able to see multiple houses quickly, and be able to dream up what your top rated home should look like. Who knows? Maybe your dream home is just one more click away!

Not only does Porchd want to create a better home searching platform, we want to provide you with the avenues needed to purchasing your dream home. If you’re interested, just let us know and we will put you in touch with one of our top notch realtors right away.

With the sole mindset of creating a new digital experience with smooth and easily understandable animation, Porchd makes shopping for real estate a more fun and enjoyable experience.


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