• When posting your photos,  it is best NOT to have Family Pics anywhere in the rooms.
  • When you post a descrption of each picture, traditional descriptions are fine, but we have found that less is more when it comes to lead generation.
  • AGENTS READ THIS! You are bringing YOUR target audience into your Porchd Eco-System. Let them Visualize living there with creative content, and help the homeowner get critical feedback which will impact the sales price. 
  • ASK THE RATERS THE TOUGH QUESTIONS! Is this kitchen Ugly?  You can ask these questions
    • MARKET THE PROCHD I.D. NUMBER TO ALL and watch the feedback roll in. If your homeowner is looking for a specific rating/comment on paint for instance, just post that on the description.


  • Ten photos is about the limit a Rater can handle when rating and commenting on a property. Try not to post more that fifteen, (15) pictures as we have found the quality of the ratings and comments to each property can suffer.


  • It's always best to tidy up your property before taking a picture. Even though you are seeking ratings and comments, if your house is for sale, they can express interest by clicking on the "I'm interested in this property".


  • If you are a "For Sale By Owner" using our platform, it is wise to have the "Agent Friendly" button turned on. You do not have to sign with an agent if you don't want to, but if an agent contacts you, allow them to sit with you and give you some insight into the selling and buying process. They will know more than you about the market value in your neighborhood, and they can help you make some sense as to the comments and ratings you will get if there is some improvements that need to be done.


  • Pictures that are blurry, over-saturated, partial, have clutter, etc... can impact your ratings and comments, and days on market especially online.




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